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The PVF Roundtable is a non-profit networking organization of like-minded individuals and companies that are associated with and directly serve the pipe, valve, and fitting industry.  These are vital individuals and companies that represent a huge part of the oil and gas, utilities, chemical and petrochemical industries and is located here in the Houston area – ground zero for the energy industry worldwide.   All of our efforts and programs are done 100% by volunteering members who believe in our ideas to further our industry. 

We began over 30 years ago as a small group of PVF professionals and have now grown to over 200 member companies who meet regularly to network with each other and get to catch up on the latest happenings in our industry.

Each membership (which is held at a company level) allows for 4 people to attend each meeting. It may be employees or guests in that number.  We accept additional guests as well but, there is an additional fee for each additional person beyond the 4 registered guests.

Our annual membership fees are currently $850 per company.  Additional guests are $100 per person each meeting for those members who would like to invite more than the allotted 4.  Membership into our organization is a vetted process to insure we have stay true to our industry roots.

Our meetings are typically on Tuesday afternoons starting at 4:15 pm where drinks and hors d'oeuvres are served.  The member companies currently meet at the Bell Tower on West 34th Street in Houston, Texas.  We have networking meetings five times a year with one selected meeting as a special Membership Drive that is open to PVF industry non-members.

12 years ago, we saw a need to help educate the next generation and began to raise funds for those needs. The PVF Roundtable formed a charitable arm known as the PVF Roundtable Charitable Foundation. With this new structure we began to fulfill the mission of helping young people succeed in our industry. 

With this new arm, we began the endowment programs to Texas A&M and University of Houston for students in the Industrial Engineering and Engineering schools.  Within a few years, we realized there was a need for those who would generally work in the “Trades” (i.e., machinists, welders, etc.).   We wanted to help fill the void by again raising funds and donating to the schools that taught these skills.  We began this in Gulf Coast area where skilled labor was in short supply. 

We now have established over the course of the last 5 years additional scholarships to local trade schools in both Texas and Louisiana. 

We use our Christmas meeting to partner with the Houston Fire Dept in Operation Toy Drive to collect toys for less fortunate children.  Recently due to Covid, we have switched our focus to collecting money for the trade school’s food pantries – another great need in our community that we are now raising additional funds for thru activities and donations.  No one should go hungry in this country.  It was a need we did not know existed until we began work with these schools.

We are happy to report that as of 2020, our efforts reached the $1 million dollar mark in donations for scholarships.

How do we do it? 

Short answer:  Two ways!

1. Our membership is immensely generous. We have been fortunate in that many of our member companies and individuals have given us funds for these programs.  They truly understand the need and our mission to help the next generation. We cannot thank them enough.

2. The other way is that we host an annual Charitable Golf Tournament and a Charitable Fishing Tournament (TroutBlast) each year that raises both awareness and money for this ongoing program. 

The PVF Roundtable still has room to grow and we are continually adding additional value for our members through our organization.

One new way we began a few short years back was the establishment of the Young Professionals Committee.  We look to this group of young industry professionals as the future leaders of both our organization and the industry as a whole.  These are young people already in the industry but still early in their careers. Their companies are PVF Roundtable members as well. However, these YPs meet for some additional activities and fund raising on their own and enjoy interacting with their age group.   Our senior membership mentors these YPs and tries to help them navigate the waters of the industry by allowing them to access our collective knowledge as well as giving them special educational seminars.

The YP’s are now actively working, meeting, and donating their time and energy to worthy projects as well as fund raising.  In this respect, they host the following

•  Pros Knows - Virtual or in-person industry meetings based on industry standards and information.  A sharing of knowledge from senior leaders to the junior leaders.

•  YP Networking Happy Hour – YP’s can have their own nights for meeting & networking within their own age group.

•  Volunteer Day – YP’s choose a project and help someone or some organization in need
•  Clay Shoot Tournament– an annual fund-raising event    

At the PVF Roundtable we are still on a mission to do more for our PVF industry.  What is up next for us?  More on the education front!

We encourage you and your company to get involved and come see what is in store for us next.  And help us in any way you see fit to help our industry grow and prosper. 

It is our hope that you will see the value on the membership and join us. You can join by opening the link below to apply for a membership.  It is easy and painless and can all be done online including the payment.

Thank you,

The PVF Roundtable Board of Directors































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PVF Officers &
Board of Directors


Sara Alford - President (Newmans Valve)

Joe Costanzo - Vice President (Weldbend)

Ginger Restovic - Secretary/Treasurer (Newmans Valve)


Eric Weimar
(Newman Flange and Fitting)

Harold Armstrong - Scholarship Chair 
(Armstrong-Weatherly Assoc.)

Jamie Meade - Golf/Fishing Tournament Chair 
(Colson X-Cel USA)

Joe Pro 
(Penn Machine)

Kim Shelton-Brown - Young Professional Senior Chair Leader 
(Welding Outlets)

Krystal Hatfield - Marketing Chair 
(OK Pipe & Fittings, Inc)

Margie Dalton - Membership Chair 
(IFC, Inc) 

Mike Jordan
(Ferguson Industrial)

Trace Scrivner

Robert Nunn 
(MRC Global)

Sheryl Michalak - Banquet/Meeting Chair 
(Welding Outlets)

Steve Letko 


Ray Bojarczuk (ExxonMobil Retired)

Max Casada (P66 Retired)

Robert (Bob) Hunter (TaChen Retired)


Sidney Westbrook (Founder)

Morrie Beschloss (PVF Author/Analyst)

Ron Merrick (Fluor Retired)